Monday, 26 November 2012

The Evolution of Touring Gear

Regardless of your outdoor pursuit, we're very fortunate to have seen some incredible technical developments in clothing and equipment over the past two decades.  This past Friday The Escape Route in Whistler hosted a community night with Dynafit Athlete Eric Hjorleifson, where the focus of the evening was the evolution of touring equipment.

Beer was on tap with all proceeds going to support the Spearhead Huts Project and there was a healthy mix of locals, visitors, athletes and staff on hand.  From waxed cotton to taped membranes, skinny skis to highly shaped pow sticks, and plate bindings to light-weight tech setups, James and Eric walked us through several generations of touring gear.

Boots, of course, were front and centre as Eric explained how the various incarnation of his "franken-boots" helped yield the newly released Vulcan and Mercury from Dynafit's Free Tour category.

All in all, a great night with fun folk.  If nothing else, I think that time spent reflecting on what backcountry gear was will help us appreciate where we're at now, not to mention where we're going to be soon!

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