Monday, 26 November 2012

A farewell to the shoulder season

I typically find the fall shoulder season to be tough.  Particularly on the coast where one day you're at the peak of your climbing season, squeezing the most out of the remaining dryness and ideal temperatures, and the next you're vainly trying to bundle away the dampness as it rains and rains.

Fall also marks the beginning of the busiest work season for me with winter product delivering, stores to clinic and climbing gyms returning to full-speed.  This fall, I spent a total of 6.5 weeks on the road which had me travelling through some of the most geographically beautiful territory any North American rep could have.  Along the way I got to visit a ton of great stores, meet awesome staff and talk about cool product.  I have a good job.

But it can still be hard work and part of what keeps the driving, late nights, poor eating, hotels and couches manageable is knowing that when it's all done there'll be snow and skiing back home, so long as mother natures holds up her end of the bargain.

This Sunday I finally reached that Light at the end of the proverbial Tunnel and had a great day in the backcountry with friends Martin, Ross, Corey and Dave.  Hopefully there's a few more to come.

Thanks guys, for a very memorable November ski day!

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