Monday, 3 December 2012

Getting out of the house...

The hard work of skiing during a mild coastal storm starts when your alarm goes off at 6am.  Pouring rain and warmer than ideal temperatures can tempt you into a Snooze cycle which eventually leads to more sleep and then coffee over a lazy breakfast.

But you tell yourself you could use the exercise and so get up, out of the house, and drive to the mountains.   It's just about raining at the trailhead and while there are others milling around, they're all waiting for someone else to start breaking trail through 35cm's of fresh shmoo.

Your group starts out and it's hard work, but at least you know there's no one in front of you.  5km's to the hut, and then up to the ridge and beyond.  The snow is deeper here but it's a bit lighter too.  Regardless, the exertion and freedom of making a path through the mountains is rewarding enough.

Finally you rip your skins and drop into the fog, aiming for the first stand of trees where you know you'll get some visibility.  The fall-line steepens and mid-way through your turn you find yourself chest deep in fluffy snow.  The skiing, it seems, is pretty good too :)

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